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Sailor Moon

Welcome to smrating! This community allows others to vote for which Sailor Senshi and/or Sailor Moon character you are most like based on the application you fill out and pictures of yourself! The results are just for fun so please don't take it too seriously!

Founder: aznaphrodite
Active Mods: pumpkin_cake
Backup Mod: tiki_banana
Stamp Makers: tiki_banana & pumpkin_cake
Application and Rules Inspired by: mog_dance & sm_rating
Profile Code: exiiguity (reversescollide)
- Join the community and fill out the application below.
- Put "Henshin Yo!" in the subject line or LJ-cut tag so I know you are applying and have read the rules.
-You must post links to 3 unstamped applications you have voted for along with your application. If there aren't 3 unstamped applications to vote for, just post the links to the applications you have voted for. If you fail to do this, you will be warned and given 48 hours to correct this and after that time your application will be deleted. Please don't make us do this!
- There's already an LJ-cut tag in the application text box, but just in case you don't know how to use one, go here to learn how to use them.
- Along with the survey, please post at least 1-2 pictures of yourself. You must post pictures in order to apply.
- Make sure your pictures are CLEAR and that there is NO SAILOR MOON RELATED COSPLAY in them! After you are stamped, then you may post pictures of cosplay as often as you like.
- When posting your application, please do not use an icon that is related to a specific Sailor Moon character, including cosplay or PGSM icons. Icons with group pictures or more than one character are okay. Just not one character by itself.
- Pictures should also be rated G. Keep your clothes on! ^_~
- You will be stamped after accumulating about 10 or votes based on the majority of votes you get. If you are voted 5 or more times for the same character in a row, then you will be stamped before reaching 10 votes.
- If there is a tie in your votes between two characters, the mods will ask more members of the community to vote. If the tie is still not broken after accumulating 10 votes, you will be stamped as both characters.
- Please wait at least a week since you applied before posting to the community to ask for more votes. Please do not ask for additional votes more than once. (If need be, feel free to IM the Active Mods pumpkin_cake)
- After a week, your application will be stamped based on the majority whether you have 10 votes or not. This will only happen if one character is the clear winner and even if you collected all 10 votes, that character would still be the majority.
- Our mods have real lives outside of LJ and make every effort to stamp applications once a week. There may be times it takes longer. DO NOT make a post to the community asking to be stamped! If you would like to express your concern about it taking a long time, please e-mail or post to the active mod listed below.
- If you do not like your stamp, you may re-apply once after one month from the date you receive your stamp. When you re-apply, please put "Re-applying" in your subject line so I know that it is your second application.

Voting for Others
- As long as you join the community, you can vote. You do not need to be stamped to vote on others.
- You must vote from the characters listed below under STAMP OPTIONS. No villains or minor characters. There are a few minor characters on the list that can be voted for, but most of the characters are Sailor Senshi. If there is a character listed that you REALLY want available and can be considered a major character, then please e-mail one of the mods about it.
- No more than 1-2 characters.
- Don't be mean! Personal insults and attacks will not be tolerated and you will be banned without warning.
- Please base your vote on the pictures AND personality.
- Please try to forumlate your vote before reading the comments so your vote is unbiased and not influenced by others.
- Please try to vote as much as you can. Some applicants haven't been voting on other applicants. PLEASE VOTE

After Being Stamped
- Though members usually post their stamps in their user info, you are not required to post your stamp.
- If you decide to post your stamp somewhere, you must link it back to this community.
- Feel free to create your own stamp graphic, if you wish.
- This community can be used to discuss anything Sailor Moon related.
- If you post cosplay pictures after being stamped, please put "*STAMPED" in your subject line.
- Promotion of another community is allowed once. You may not promote a community that is offensive, uses foul language, or is sexually explicit.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon
Sailor Chibi Chibi
Sailor Star Fighter
Sailor Star Healer
Sailor Star Maker
Human Luna
Human Diana
Sailor Luna (PGSM)

Tuxedo Kamen/Mask
Human Artemis
Motoki/Andrew (the arcade guy)
Taiki Kou
Seiya Kou
Yaten Kou

Opposite Gender Theme

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