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Which Sailor Senshi are you?

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Advertising (I hope it's allowed!)... [01 Aug 2010|03:44pm]


Please feel free to come and apply! :) Also, would you like to affiliate with us?
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Henshin Yo [31 Mar 2010|11:27pm]

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Henshin Yo [29 Mar 2010|11:39pm]

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Mod Update [07 Feb 2010|05:05pm]

I apologize for being such a bad mod. I've stamped everyone that could be stamped at this time.

I've added something new to the regular application. I've made it mandatory to vote for a least three applications when posting your own application. I know that we don't get that many new applications so I'm really just looking to see that you voted on at least three of the unstamped applications that are out. I'll still stamp you if you don't have all three votes, but I want to see that you did vote on those that can be voted on when you posted your application. If you fail to put the links in your application, I will warn you and then you have 48 hours to correct this or I'm deleting your application. I don't want to have to do this so please vote!

I think this might increase the amount of votes applications are getting because I would really like everyone to get at least 5 votes before I stamp them and it's taking a really long time to get these 5 votes.

Regular Stamp
moirae is like Sailor Neptune
aurora_hime is like Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon
stellar_maiden is like Sailor Mercury
1_2sweet is like Sailor Saturn

Theme Stamp



Needs more votes:
alequinn_sedai - Theme Application stamped
caitriona_3 - Theme Application stamped
un_ladylike - Regular Application stamped

Please VOTE on them when you get a chance. Thanks!!
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Henshin Yo! [26 Jan 2010|12:55pm]

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Stamped as Sailor Mars - Opposite Gender Theme [24 Jan 2010|03:53pm]


Makeup!Collapse ) Votes:  savaburry - glucose_syrup - alequinn_sedai
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fighting evil by moonlight? or winning love by daylight? [11 Nov 2009|01:16am]

Henshin Yo!Collapse )

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Henshin Yo! [05 Nov 2009|08:53pm]

She is the one named ???Collapse )
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October & needs more votes [02 Nov 2009|10:12pm]

Happy November!! I hope everyone had a nice Halloween :D

Regular Stamp
nejem is like Sailor Luna
caitriona_3 is like Sailor Mars
satunian is like Sailor Neptune
uberta is like Sailor Venus
alequinn_sedai is like Sailor Pluto
kaysoul is like Sailor Moon

Theme Stamp
sanalith is like Human Artemis
thenecessities is like Yuuichirou/Chad
redhead1804 is like Tuxedo Kamen/Mask
satunian is like Tuxedo Kamen/Mask

Needs more votes:
moirae - Regular Application stamped
aurora_hime - Regular Application stamped
stellar_maiden - Regular Application stamped
1_2sweet - Regular Application stamped

Please vote on them when you get a chance!! Thanks!
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Henshin Yo! [31 Oct 2009|01:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Pretty soldier of love and justice!Collapse )

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Henshin Yo! [31 Oct 2009|12:46am]

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Henshin yo! [24 Oct 2009|07:18am]

Never running from a real fight…Collapse )
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September & needs more votes [20 Oct 2009|12:15pm]

I'm so sorry this update is late. My classes have been crazy this semester. Anyway, I've stamped everyone that could be stamped at this time. I hope everyone is having a good October!

Regular Stamp
arrivee is like Sailor Saturn
thenecessities is like Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon

Theme Stamp
_mrowr is like Umino/Melvin
littlelotte06 is like Taiki

Needs more votes:
kaysoul - Regular Application stamped
alequinn_sedai - Regular Application stamped

Thanks to all the active members who keep this community alive!!
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Henshin Yo! [16 Oct 2009|06:25am]

Believe in dreams.Collapse )
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Henshin Yo! [15 Oct 2009|04:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I haven't watch Sailor Moon in ages!Collapse )

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Stamped as Sailor Mercury/Opposite gender theme [11 Oct 2009|08:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

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Stamped: Sailor Chibi Moon // Opposite Gender Theme [21 Sep 2009|12:18pm]

Henshin Yo!Collapse )
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Promotion [20 Sep 2009|05:04pm]

(I hope this is OK)

Hi I have started a new Stamping community, neverland_inc.
It's a community for all our beloved animated character. The main 10 stamps are Disney princess but
the themes to follow will have characters from all animated movies. I promise to be a very active mod and
love input so any sugestions will be welcome.
This is my first attempt at a community so if you see any rookie mistakes please let me know.
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Henshin Yo! [17 Sep 2009|07:46pm]


Makeup!Collapse )
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Henshin Yo! [08 Sep 2009|11:52am]

ApplicationCollapse )
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